From Here: The Campaign for Bowdoin

Our commitment to these priorities will shape the new campaign for Bowdoin.

It will also advance the College we’ve always known—the Bowdoin that creates educated and principled leaders, curious minds, and thoughtful citizens of the world.

The promise that family income will never be a barrier to attending the College, or to a full Bowdoin experience.

Bowdoin is committed to remaining need-blind, to meeting full demonstrated need for all four years, and offering financial aid packages without loans.

But we're also working to fund comprehensive aid—a new type of endowment that can stretch to accommodate our highest-need students in areas beyond tuition, room, and board.


Scholarship luncheon

The promise of an enduring and transformative liberal arts education.

This is an education built on the traditions of personal learning and disciplinary knowledge, and on continuous faculty innovation in the curriculum—in areas that include interdisciplinary scholarship, global perspectives, and quantitative and digital literacy.



Student and faculty collaboration

The promise to offer students the opportunities and resources to land their first great job, and to build a career that surges and sails and soars.

Bowdoin has never been a means for just “getting a job”— it’s a critical step on the path to building a career, and a life, of impact and meaning.

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Campaign Priorities


▇  Financial Aid
$200 million in scholarship endowment to ensure Bowdoin remains need-blind, without loans in our aid packages. More » 

▇  Academic Programs
$83 million to support teaching and scholarly innovation, including $20 million for the Museum of Art. More »

▇  Comprehensive Aid
$35 million in new endowment to assist our highest-need students beyond tuition and fees. More »

▇  Career Exploration and Development
$37 million to fund career skills and expand internship opportunities to all Bowdoin students. More »

▇  Unrestricted Gifts
$47 million in unrestricted donations to the College.

▇  Other
$20 million includes facilities, foundation grants, and gifts-in-kind.

▇  Annual Giving
$78 million in continued and consistent donations to our four critical annual funds. More »